It’s Monday morning and my alarm goes off.  Todays one of those brutally cold fall mornings in Boston and the last thing I want to do is get out of bed.  Unwillingly though, I do.  My morning routine is usually the same; roll out of bed, trip over the dog, stumble to the kitchen, and rip a shot.

…rip a shot?

Even though its a Monday I always have a shot glass handy to start a healthy and productive day.  But, before you get too excited let me explain.   (more…)

5 Pillars of Health

September 1, 2016

What exactly does it mean to be ‘healthy’?  Answers for this question can range based upon who you’re talking to, where in the world you are, and what someone values.  But, the main proponent to this question is always based upon your lifestyle.  In today’s world life keeps us so busy that something as simple as eating an apple mid day can constitute “healthy”.  Overcommitting, under sleeping, and living at an unsustainable pace are all everyday norms pushed by society thus putting the healthy aspects of life aside.

Health is simple.  You don’t need 6 pack abs.  You don’t need to be a vegetarian.  You don’t even need to prepare meals 3 days in advance or workout for 2 hours a day. All you need to do is abide by these 5 health pillars.  (more…)

At the beginning of my week, I always get super excited about what restaurant I am going to try on Friday.But, most people will say, “But if you’re trying to be healthy there’s no way you can go out, right!?”

In almost every case this can be proved false simply by following guidelines when eating and drinking out. It starts with a little bit of self-control and understanding that you hold the keys to either a healthy night out or a glutton filled fiasco leaving you feeling guilty for days.

Healthy eating may start at home, but does it mean you have to cut out your social life until you drop that last 10lbs? Of course not! It’s entirely possible to eat delicious meals while going out and staying true to a healthy lifestyle. All it takes is a few guidelines and a tiny bit of self-control and you can enjoy the night with your friends! (more…)

Morning Motivation

August 19, 2016