Back in day my workouts were lol’able – 3 sets of 10 reps, one exercise at a time.  First, YAWN. Secondly, even though I didn’t know any better this set and rep scheme makes it tough for even a teenage boy to get results.

The main thing to remember about sets and reps is that there is no black and white answer for everyone.  There’s no right or best way to see results, but there are a few guidelines to follow when program designing to work towards goals.

STRENGTH- Should be done at the beginning of your workout using multi joint, big, core movements aka Squat/Deadlift/Horizontal push and pull/ Vertical Push and Pull.  To build power and strength, work at 3-6 sets, 1-5 reps, and rest until you feel confident to make another strong pull.  HINT – A majority of this training should be done at 80-85%  Insta is a black hole and really all you see is 1 rep maxes etc.  Train for 6-8 weeks at 80% and your numbers will go through the roof

HYPERTROPHY – aka gainz city.  Done after your strength work at 3-5 sets 6-12 reps and shorter timed rest sessions to keep the heart rate up.  Pair 2-3 exercies together in this, generally with opposing muscles.

FINISHER – the endurance part, this can include core work, agility/cardio, or building biceps.  Couple sets, high reps, minimal if any rest.  I’m a big fan or some KB swings at the end of a hinge day, set of 100 bicep curls on a Friday, or some Med Ball slams to work on attempting to be powerful.  This stuff should make you happy and get you feeling good post workout

How do your goals align with sets and reps?  Shoot me a message and let’s discuss!